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January 21 - 23
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Jack Humphreys

Manufacturers Agents

1577 Oceania Dr S
Naples, FL 34113
(407) 342-0381



John B. Humphreys Jr.

  • Degree: MBA Marketing, University of Rhode Island
  • Experience: over 50 years in Building Material Industry

Territory Covered

  • Florida (eastern time zone - Tallahassee east)

Agency Activity

  • Product promotion at architect and builder level
  • Product seminars and clinics with key dealers and contractors
  • Major emphasis through both one and two step distribution channels
  • Extensive creative promotion and sales training with distributor salesmen.

Mission Statement

  • Provide personal, professional service to distributor
  • Develop partner relationship between agent and manufacturer
  • Build trust relationship between manufacturer, agent and distributor

Principals Represented

Florida Building Codes

Florida Building Codes

Major Customers


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